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Activity Discussion Essay A day without mobile and internet. Reply To: A day without mobile and internet.

  • Jyothi krishna

    June 11, 2021 at 10:52 pm
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    Mobile phones and internet are now the part of our daily life. Most of us took phone and switch on internet and scrolling through social medias at first we woke up. Only after that we sat and take morning prayer. After the breakfast and other works again I took my phone that is my daily routines.

    But i love to spend time without mobile phones and internet. Sometimes it happens when my data offer get expired. At that time i woke up with out open my phone. After brushing i went out to the front yard and comb the hair by hearing the sounds of nature. And take a look to our garden flowers. Took breakfast and watch television. Try to help my mom in cooking and do some chit chat with her. Then spent some time to read books and write something. Or to arrange my room. In the evening time me and my mother take a evening walk. That is our favourite hobby. Through this time we talks to our neighbours, evaluate the beauty of nature, mother shares her memories about her childhood etc. In the night time i went to our terrace and sat there. Sometimes the moon is very beautiful that can’t capture through any cameras, but through the heart. I imagine that the moon i lord Shiva and tries to talk to him. While sitting there i feel sleepy and goes to bed. If not get sleep i choose a novel or poem to read. The ambiance of night, moon and cold breeze is a very precious experience that I have. If i have internet and mobile phones i do it once in a week.

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