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Activity Discussion Essay Technology Reply To: Technology

  • Kumari

    June 11, 2021 at 11:34 pm
    Not Helpful

    Technology has become a very important part of today’s time. People are dependent on technology for each and every things. It is because due to technology our lives have become very easy. Also in this lockdown people have become much more dependent of technology than before. From online classes to online office.But as it is said that excesss of every thing is bad due to overuse of technology people have started forgetting how to live life to the fullest. There excpectation with life has changed. Everyone’s happiness depends on the technology. The kids are being affected the most. All they want in life is a mobile phone tablet ac for happy life. New born kids are more using mobile. Parents are giving there children mobile phones so they do not get irritated and annoy them. Children are interested in spending more time in front of television and mobile phones in place of going out and playing. Things have changed alot technology has become a kind of compulsion too because if a person is not connected to the technology it is sure they won’t be updated with what’s happening around and they will be left behind from others.
    Right now due to the pandemic the classes for children are going on in the online mode. They have to spend half of the days watching on the screen which causes alot of effect on there eyes. They seem to be more interested in online games, movies, cartoons and have totally forgotten what outdoor games like kabbadi, pittoo, cricket etc. This is the duty of the parents to make sure they make there children connect to the outdoor mode of gaming , and avoiding indoor mode of gaming as much as possible. Use of technology cannot be just stopped but children’s attention can be removed from and replace it from more mind and creative games.

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