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Activity Discussion General Discussion What are the difference between formal and informal letter? Reply To: What are the difference between formal and informal letter?

  • Ishita

    June 12, 2021 at 1:30 pm
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    Letters are the most important way to communicate with someone. But you can’t write a letter in the same pattern for everyone. Letters basically have two types: formal and informal. We have to know how to address people in formal and informal letters . Formal letters are basically used in official matters on the other hand informal letters are used in your private communication like friends or family members. So let’s learn the rules of writing formal and informal letters,

    Rules of Formal letter:-

    1)Use proper words in letters, don’t use any slang and everyday language in formal letters, it will upset the person who is reading the letters.

    2)Greet the person appropriately, don’t ask a person how are you?, or How you doing in formal letters, you can start the letter with”with due respect “.

    3)When you write a formal letter address the person with respected sir or madam, or sir /madam.If you don’t know the gender of the person then write sir or madam.

    4) You have to sign off politely in a formal letter, you can’t use, Take care, cheers, see you later. The appropriate ending will be your sincerely, your faithfully, regards, respectfully.

    5) Try to keep the letter short while writing formal letters, don’t use more than 200 words in formal letters. Just come to the point without beating about the bush. It will interest the person and not irritate them.

    Rules of Informal letters:-

    1) Informal letters are basically written to you family and friends, so you can use whatever phrase you like to use.there are not word limitations for informal letters.

    2) You can address the informal letters with dear,loving, dearest, either you address the person in a way you like.

    3) You can start the letters with, How are you? How are you doing?How have you been? What’s up?

    4) When you end the letters you can write, Take care, Cheers, See you later, Peace out.

    5) You have to use a stamp in informal letters, without a stamp box informal letters can’t be completed. In stamp box you have to write the name of the person whom you write the letters, their address and name of guardian.

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