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  • Tejasri

    June 13, 2021 at 3:07 pm
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    Deforestation has become one of the major problems in the current situation. The trees are being cut to satisfy the needs of the greedy people. It is adjustable in limits but the trees are being cut in numerous amounts. If this continues, there will be a day you were not even a single tree is found. So, it is very important to protect them as it is the part of the life. We have no rights to cut them. So, it is our responsibility to save them and use them in limits.

    Let us know look into some of the methods to prevent deforestation.


    The major and important method to prevent deforestation is afforestation. It is very important to plan the saplings in order to maintain the balanced ecosystem. Monster take the average station as a challenge and must plant at least 3 to 4 saplings. This prevents deforestation in a good way.

    •Limit the usage:-

    Limiting the usage helps to prevent deforestation. This can help to reduce the use of the things which are obtained From the trees such as wood, plywood, fuel etc. That is, one must reduce the usage of the goods provided by the trees. In this way the use of the resources provided by the trees are reduced and it helps to prevent deforestation.

    It is not one’s problem but it is the whole world’s problem. So, it is very important to take a step forward to prevent deforestation and must bring awareness among the people who are wasting the goods obtained from the trees.

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