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  • Shivani

    June 13, 2021 at 3:47 pm
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    Line statistics are nothing but another small collection of “statistics”. Any exact calculations that require more than one variable can be done with the help of precise calculations. The standard form of direct equation for a single form variable is ax + b = 0. Here, x is a variable, and a and b are constants. While the standard form of the direct equation of the two variants belongs to form ax + by = c. Here, x and y are variables, and a, b and c are constants.

    In Linear Equation in One Variable, there is only one difference. The flexibility is equal to One. Linear Equation in One variable has a different solution.


    2x = 20

    4a + 1 = 7

    9 / p = 81

    8q – 10 = 2p

    In Linear Equation in two variables, there are two variables. Here again, the flexibility is equal to one. Equivalent equilibrium in the two variables has an unlimited solution.


    a – b = 20

    2p + 10 = 5q

    m + 9n = 18

    4r – 3s = 0

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