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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on “Don’t be harsh on yourself.” Reply To: Write an essay on “Don’t be harsh on yourself.”

  • Shweta

    June 13, 2021 at 6:37 pm
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    Not doing the works in a right way and being harsh to ourselves at once is a very wrong practice of humans. It is right that for every work you need to be dedicated and determined. But if the thought is, that the work of 10 days can be completed in 2 days will not give you that result. People usually delay the work and thinks it will be done at other days. These delay makes the people to force on to themselves.

    People being harsh at their workplaces

    The employers and the workers are been given the work to complete it in 5 days and 4 days they do not do anything, they do not take any stress and the 5th day, they are forced to be harsh on themselves and complete the 5 days work in 1 day. This disturbs not only your mental peace, but also disturbs your physical health as well. You will not be able to take your routine sleep, even your food gets skipped due to which your health gives negative response.

    Students being harsh at their studies

    Most of the students don’t study and learn throughout the year. These students leave everything at the time of their exams and when the exams comes, they panic and start to study due to which they study something and leave something. Therefore, these gets effect on their results. The results are not that good which they expect. They make themselves harsh at the time of exam.

    Henceforth, we should never harsh on ourselves. Indeed, we should work from the beginning of the time so that we would never need to harsh ourselves. And most importantly we should be determined and dedicated at all the times we work to get a good results.

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