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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on Modernization. Reply To: Write an essay on Modernization.

  • Shivani

    June 14, 2021 at 8:11 am
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    Essay on Modernization – A modern term “does not refer to any philosophy or movement, but only to the process of transformation. In fact, “Modernization” is understood as a process that reflects the acceptance of modern lifestyles and values ​​”. The term was previously used to refer only to “economic transformation and its effect on social values ​​and practices”.

    It has also been described as a process that has changed society, from agriculture to the industrial economy in particular. As a result of economic change, society itself is making changes in values, beliefs and practices. But, today, the word is given a broader meaning.

    Today, the term ‘modernization’ is understood as an effort, for people, especially those who are bound by tradition, to embrace it in the modern age, circumstances, styles and ways in general.

    It shows a change in people’s eating habits, dress habits, speech styles, tastes, preferences, preferences, ideas, prices, places of entertainment and so on. It has also been described as “a social change involving the elements of science and technology”.

    The invention of science and technology has brought about a dramatic change in the whole social relations system and replaced the traditional ideas with new ones.

    MN. Shrinivas, however, criticizes the idea of ​​making Modernism, which, according to him, is a word that carries value. “Doing modern things is often used in the sense of being good,” she says. Therefore, he prefers to use the term “Westernization” which describes the changes brought about in Indian society and culture as a result of more than 150 years of British rule ”.

    On the other hand, Yogendra Singh defends the modern concept. According to him, there are two processes of Sanskritisation and Westernization. Indeed, it is ‘traditional’ and not just closed to any single community. Like science, art is not unique to any one race or culture. It belongs to humanity as a whole.

    This does not mean that everywhere should produce the same pattern. It does not always have to happen to a model in England, Germany, France or America. It could be in the model of Russia, India, Japan, Australia, or another country on that issue. Central to modernization is this – a commitment to a “scientific worldview” and a belief in human theories and philosophies of modern science.

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