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  • Ishita

    June 14, 2021 at 2:51 pm
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    Women Empowerment

    Women empowerment is a very valuable word in these days. It means to make the women powerful to make them capable of dealing with every hard situation in their lives. It means to treat them equally and make them independent to make their own decision.In this world women have suffered a lot then the men. Women always seen into a lower position than a men. They also threatened as they not even exist. Their only work is to please men and make children. They didn’t even have the right of voting. As the time turned women become more aware of their position, they realise their power. They started to make protest for their right. No matter how develop a country was the history tells us women around the all are always ill treated. Specifically in a country like Indian a crime against women are increasing day by day. Women are raped, a huge number of women are victims of domestic violence, they are paid less than men. So to stop these sexist behaviors we should empower women. There are several ways to empower women. The individual and government should take action to empower women. All girl children must be educated compulsory. They must give equal opportunity in every field. They must be given equal pay. After childbirth they should be forced to quit their job. We can also empower women by preventing child marriage. They shouldn’t be fell less then man. Moreover, the shame and abuse of divorce must be stopped. As many women stayed in a abusive relationship for the fear of society. And it all started from home we should treat our daughter equally as son. If we can improve our mentality it can influence others to be like us.

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