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Activity Discussion Environment Define cultural eutrophication. Reply To: Define cultural eutrophication.

  • Aruja

    June 14, 2021 at 3:02 pm
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    Eutrophication is a increased amount of phosphorus, nitrogen and other plant nutrition in the aquatic ecosystem, such as in any kind of large water body. The productivity of fertility of this kind of ecosystem increases as the the amount of organic material increases. When this type of material enters the ecosystem from land aries products of the reproduction of Terrestrial organism. Water blooms are great concentration of algae and microscopic organisms. Develop on the surface preventing the light and oxygen absorption which is necessary for the the underwater life.

    Now Let It discuss what is culture eutrophication. This occurs when the human made water pollution increases because the sewer system, detergents, fertilizers and other nutrition sources are added into the water ecosystem. Culture eutrophication has many dramatic consequences on the freshwater resources, fishes and other freshwater providing water bodies which are leading into the the increase of water pollution into this aquatic ecosystem.

    We can simply conclude that culture eutrophication refers to water pollution that need to be stop so that the future generation can get the benefit of the the fresh water resources. They are not only providing water but also many other natural gifts to the human life and which are adding a lot more beauty on the earth.

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