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Activity Discussion General Discussion “Is the pandemic only harmful to us or to nature? “- Explain the statement. Reply To: “Is the pandemic only harmful to us or to nature? “- Explain the statement.

  • Aruja

    June 14, 2021 at 3:32 pm
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    In this question it is asked that whether this pandemic is harmful only for the humans or for the nature as well. So if I talk about my personal opinion, I think that is pandemic is not harmful for nature, but it is very helpful nature to retain its natural state. We all know that in this pandemic lockdown has been imposed to almost all over the country and as a result the the uses of personal vehicles has been reduced a lot and because of that the pollution also has reduced a lot from the last few years and this is a very great achievement for the nature and then if we talk about the working of the industries, there were many Industries who were decomposing their harmful chemical waste into the water bodies and into the land and air. Those industries has stopped working for a while so that’s why less pollution has been decomposed. Then the builders who do Construction, those who used to buy the forest land and cut on the forest to create their own structure on to that land. Basically who promote deforestation. That kind of activities has also stop so this is a total profit for the nature. We can say these are the things that we are lacking behind and this pandemic is helping us to completing all our responsibilities. There is no doubt that this pandemic is really harmful for humans because many of the people are now jobless and homeless, they don’t have food to eat, they have nowhere to go but still in lockdown, so they cannot move from their places. People are moving to depth and they are in problem but government is trying their best to help them out in every possible way and we hope that this pandemic ends soon. But the positive changes for the benefit of nature that has taken place. We wish that these are things continued and the natural balance remains like this.

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