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Activity Discussion General Discussion Why should reading habits be inculcated in children? Reply To: Why should reading habits be inculcated in children?

  • Tejasri

    June 14, 2021 at 5:05 pm
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    Reading is a very important thing because it helps to gain knowledge and it makes the individual to know what is happening in and around the world. So, it is mandatory for the children to study. It helps to build the future. Basically, many of the students don’t show interest towards the studies and negley them as if they don’t care. And if there is no interest for the students to study, they can never be able to understand and secure good marks. Let us now see some of the ways to make the students to study.

    General knowledge is very important in everyone’s life. The person without the knowledge is like the bird without the wings. It is very important to know what is happening across the world. So, it is very important to attain the general knowledge. To grab general knowlede, an individual must follow some of the techniques like reading books, articles, magazines, newspapers etc. Reading books help to build the general knowledge.

    There are many benefits of reading the books. The benefits include attending the knowledge, setting right behavior, being motivated etc. the book is a the combination of knowledge with emotions. It’s not only tells the individual about the world but also about the emotions and affections. Reading book is a very good habit that every individual must possess.

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