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Activity Discussion Essay What are the mantras to keep oneself motivated? Reply To: What are the mantras to keep oneself motivated?

  • Shweta

    June 14, 2021 at 5:36 pm
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    Being motivated at all the times is the most important thing in human life. Henceforth, we face many situations in which we can be demotivated. Getting demotivated is not a solution rather you should change your habits and make up your mind in such manner that you get motivated all the time, whether you percieve any thing which you feel can demotivate you.

    There exists many situations at which your journey is about to start but by seeing the competition and the competitors in the field, you get demotivated. This should not be the behaviour. Here, you need to understand that you should atleast take a start with confidence, because noone becomes perfect or learns at once.

    For instance, taking an example of a student, who has participated in a debate competition, it was his first time and the competition was with 15 schools. At this time, a student gets demotivated by seeing the regular speakers speaking with confidence. At this situation what needs to be done is to encourage yourself and be confident at the point of competition, speak and represent whatever you have practiced without paying attention to other speakers. Keep it in your mind you are good in yourself.

    The competition is such a thing that one will win and other will lose. You participated but not won, should not demotivate you. Rather, you should keep in your mind that atleast you got to learn that at what part you need to focus and practice. Be motivated at the time of your practice and focus on your goals, so that noone can demotivate you.

    You will be the real you, only when you will find yourself to be motivated in every situation. Learn to encourage yourself. Be in a positivity environment. Read more books, look confident and presentable to look more smart and hence nothing can demotivate you.

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