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Activity Discussion Essay Medicines Or excercise Reply To: Medicines Or excercise

  • Shweta

    June 14, 2021 at 5:50 pm
    Not Helpful

    Both medicines and exercises cannot be criticized as because it both plays their role according to the humans body. Only the thing needs to be understood is, people should know actually that the body needs exercise or medicines. This is because if you fall ill or in case you have an accident and your hurt is serious, at that case exercise won’t help you. Medicines will cure you at it’s best. Similarly, if a body gets fatter or the body is not able to get detox, at that time your body will need exercise. If one thinks that without workout or exercises, one can cure all body problems by sitting all day and having just medicine pills won’t help you out. Rather it will effect you in a negative way.

    Requirement of exercise

    Our body needs a proper workout not only in order to be fit or slim or to look good. But to remain fresh, active and support your mental health as well. If we do exercise and workout on a regular basis even for half an hour, it will help you to stay fit and fine. You will feel fresh and active throughout a day. And if you feel fresh and active throughout a day, you will do lots of work without any laziness. Henceforth, no disease will occur to you. You fall ill because you feel lazy throughout a day and sitting for a long time at one place will give you nothing. So if you exercise, you will be active and fit.

    Requirement of medicines

    If you exercise everyday, you will be fresh and you will fall less ill. So there needs no requirement of medicines. Having more medicine will give wrong impact on your body. Have medicine only when it’s urgent. If you have serious injury then to cure it, you can have medicines. The right medicines are the supplements you can take if you exercise more. That supplements will work on your body and you will get benefits. Supplements like whey protein, omega 3, multivitamins etc are the exact need of body which should be intake.

    Henceforth, take right medicines and don’t make any habit of medicines intake. Exercise more to take less medicines.

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