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  • Mahima

    June 14, 2021 at 5:56 pm
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    Deforestation is defined as the removal of a huge number of trees from a forest. Our environment has long been threatened by deforestation. However, many people continue this harmful activity. Furthermore, deforestation contributes to ecological imbalance. Nonetheless, some opportunistic individuals must make a profit. As a result, they don’t even consider it. As a result, the government is attempting to mitigate the environmental damage.

    The primary goal of deforestation is to expand the land area. In addition, this land area will be used to establish new enterprises. And it’s all due to the population explosion. As a result, wealthy businessmen established these businesses to boost their profits.


    1.Soil erosion is the process of the top layer of soil being washed away. When trees that bind the soil are cut down, something happens. As a result, the top layer of soil is carried away by wind and water.

    As a result, calamities such as landslides occur. Furthermore, different floods are caused by soil erosion. Because there are no trees to divert the rainwater from heavy rains, they flow straight to the plains. As a result, the colonies where people live are harmed.

    2.Global Warming: The biggest source of change in our environment is global warming. These seasons are currently being pushed back. Furthermore, their ratios are unbalanced. Temperatures are reaching dangerously high levels. It was 50 degrees on the plains this year, which is the warmest of all. Furthermore, the Himalayan mountains’ glaciers are melting. floods are wreaking havoc on our country’s mountainous areas and the people who live there. Furthermore, the proportion of drinkable water is diminishing.

    3.Impact on the water cycle- Because plants discharge soil water into the environment through transpiration. As a result, cutting them reduces the amount of water in the atmosphere. As a result, no clouds are forming. As a result, the agricultural fields aren’t getting enough rain. As a result, it only has an indirect impact on people.

    4.Wildlife is also affected by deforestation, which is a major danger. Many creatures, such as the Dodo, the Sabre-toothed Cat, and the Tasmanian Tiger, have already become extinct. Some creatures are also on the edge of extinction. This is because they have lost their habitat or place of residence. For wildlife conservationists, this is one of the most pressing concerns.

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