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Activity Discussion Essay Medicines Or excercise Reply To: Medicines Or excercise

  • Anushree

    June 14, 2021 at 8:10 pm
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    Medicine and exercise are two important element which are responsible for our healthy being. But there is individual crisis or need when they should be applied. Exercise should be a part of daily lifestyle of each and every individual be it a kid or an old person in order to be fit and healthy. Exercising must be a regular habit it also helps in digestion and keeps us flexible; it also helps us to concentrate and focus on things basically it is a natural process without any side effects which helps in detoxifying ourselves and thus keep us healthy. Yoga or exercise was also a pert of daily lifestyle in the Vedic age and gave positive results always. One should practice exercise without any malfunctioning of the body whereas on the other hand medicine are charged to a person only if he/she is suffering from a particular disease or problem it provides relief to the same. Medicines should be taken by a patient only when prescribed by a certified doctor as it can even lead to various side effects and should never be taken without consultation.

    Both medicine as well as exercise are important and helps us to recover when our immune system are attacked by foreign bodies.

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