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  • tanya

    June 14, 2021 at 11:06 pm
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    Child Labor refers to the employment of children in any sort of work that hinders their physical and mental health and withholds them from their basic education. Many children are forced to work because of some of the circumstances at their homes. But people should understand that if children don’t get proper education, they won’t be able to excel in their life.

    A large number of children are bound to work at some places where it can be really dangerous for them to risk their lives. They are hired for some hazardous and non-hazardous activities like the glass industry, matchbox factories, carpet industry, as well as domestic help, etc.

    Childhood is considered the best time of a person’s life. But many children lose their innocence in this greatest period of their life. But this time is very difficult for some children who are compelled to work to make both of their ends meet. According to the Child Labor project and 2011 census, 10.2 million children are captivated in child labor in India, out of which 4.5 million are girls.

    Earlier, children used to help their parents with some activities like household chores, or some farming help like sowing, reaping, harvesting, etc but these days after the development of the industrial sector, the problem of child labor has increased tremendously.

    Poverty is one of the major reasons behind child labor. In poor families, children are thought to be an extra helping hand. They believe children to be their bread earner and so they also tend to have more children. They do not consider education important at such a tender age. When these children grow up to a decent age, they are expected to share the responsibilities along with their parents.

    The government has a major role to play in this issue. They should help the poor people by assuring them that the basic amenities to be provided to them at very low prices. We, as responsible citizens of the country, should not allow child labor at least at our homes, and try to educate them by helping them in every possible way.

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