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Activity Discussion Science & Technology what is organic chemistry and some of its usage Reply To: what is organic chemistry and some of its usage

  • Aruja

    June 15, 2021 at 10:17 am
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    Organic chemistry is one of the branch of the chemistry side in which the structure properties and the reactions of organic compounds are studied thoroughly. It also contains the carbon in covalent bond. The study of structure refers to their chemical composition and formula. Study of properties include physical and chemical properties and evaluation of chemical reactivity to understand what is their behaviour and how they will react after the reaction is done. The study of organic reaction include the Chemical synthesis of natural products, drugs and polymers and study of individual organic molecules in the laboratory and theoretical study is performed. It is a study e of carbon compound which help in the understanding and research of chemical reactions that take place in living organisms and product that are derived from them.

    There are many examples of products that are made with the help of organic chemistry. Like shampoo, gasoline, perfume, lotion, drugs, food and food additives, plastic, paper, insect repellent, synthetic fibre like nylon polyester and rayon, paint, moth balls (naphthalene),enzymes, the nail polish remover, coal, natural gas, fertilizers, vitamins, dies, soap, candles etc. Most of all these product involve the use of organic chemistry in their manufacturing. Many other things around you like your mobiles, computers, vehicles, your own body consist some theories and importance of organic compounds in themselves because every living thing that you see around yourself or everything that is the part of the ecosystem is organic. Even inorganic items like rocks, air, metals and water these are also sometimes considered as the organic matter too.

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