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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Define solar system. Reply To: Define solar system.

  • Aruja

    June 15, 2021 at 10:34 am
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    The solar system is a system in which all the large object, all the planets and stars, comets, meteors, etc are bound together within the gravitationally bound system of the Sun and because of that all the main objects revolve in their own orbit either directly or indirectly. There are main eight object with which the sun is directly connected and the other small bodies that move in our solar system. The dwarf planet, meteors and comets. There are the natural satellites of each planet like earth has moon, every other planet in the solar system have their own natural satellite and many are larger than the other main planets.

    The solar system was formed 4.6 billion years ago, after the many gravitational collapse of a giant interstellar molecular cloud. The most of the mass of our solar system is consists of sun and the remaining is consist by one of the planet in our solar system that is Jupiter. The smaller inner planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are Terrestrial planets. These are primarily composed of rocks and metals. The four outer planets that are giant planets are more big than the terrestrial. The two largest planets that are Jupiter and Saturn are made of gas mainly composed of hydrogen and helium. The two outermost planet that are Uranus and Neptune are composed of ice. They have high melting point compared with hydrogen and helium, called volatiles, such as water, Ammonia and methane. All these eight planet revolve around the sun in their own orbit due to the gravitational Bond system created by the sun. The solar system also contain smaller objects like Asteroid belt that is present between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter. It mostly consists of of small Terrestrial planets of rocks and metal. Beyond the napkins Orbit the kuiper belt and scattered disc is present which are populations of neptunian composed mostly of ices.

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