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Activity Discussion Environment Soil erosion. Reply To: Soil erosion.

  • Ishita

    June 15, 2021 at 1:47 pm
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    Soil erosion is very harmful for the environment and mankind. I will cause us several damages including the damage of crops. Soil erosion is a process by which the different agents like air, water, and mass movement cause deterioration in the upper layer of soil, the upper layer is the most fertile top layer of soil.

    For soil erosion the crops , grains can’t be grown properly. These will take us out of food and resources, which will completely destroy us. Let’s learn about the cause and solution of soil erosion

    Cause of soil erosion:-

    Deforestation:- Deforestation is one of the main causes of soil erosion. For industrial or agriculture development many forests or trees are rampantly cut down daily. But if the level of it increases it causes soil erosion. As trees can hold the soil tightly by their roots but if we cut it down the hold will lose.

    Construction and Recreational:- Making buildings and roads also responsible when it comes to soil erosion as they don’t allow for the normal circulation of water. Instead, it runs off to flood nearby lands which increase erosion in these areas. Moreover, motor-based activities like motocross also have the power to disturb ecosystems and erode the soil.

    Logging and Mining:- logging and mining is the method by which trees are removed for some reason.which causes soil erosion. Logging causes the loss of leaf litter, or dead leaves, bark, and branches on the forest floor. Leaf litter plays a major role in guiding the forest soils from erosion.

    Solution of Soil erosion:-

    1) Soil erosion can be prevented by planting trees. Afforestation is the main way to prevent soil erosion.

    2) If we stop till planting it can prevent soil erosion. Seeds are first planted in the ground with the first tilling of soil. Dead plants from the previous crops remain in the ground, their roots can hold soil.

    3) Preventing overgrazing can prevent soil erosion.Frequently move animals from field to field don’t stick to one land.This gives the grass a chance to grow again.

    4) If you have to chop a tree then compensate it by planting more tress, these can stop soil erosion.

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