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Activity Discussion General Discussion What do you mean by women empowerment? Reply To: What do you mean by women empowerment?

  • Tejasri

    June 15, 2021 at 3:45 pm
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    Women are to be encouraged in all the activities Which men does. They should be treated equally with the men irrespective of the situation or the work. Everywoman must get the chance to Show the world their unflinching commitment and unwavering spirit. The women are no less than the men, they can do all the works similar to the men and sometimes better than them.

    Women are to be treated with used respect. The girl child should be given all the rights and freedom to maintain the things. They must not feel low in any situation or add any kind of failure. Instead, the mistake all the mistakes and must improve themselves to prove again with high standards. They must receive all the needs from the particular government to fulfill then basic needs.

    Education is the one of the basic needs. All the girl childs are to be encouraged to go for the education and must be motivated with good amount of words to achieve high standards in the society and to prove that they are no less than anyone. The parents must never feel low to give the birth to a baby girl. Instead, they must feel so proud to have a girl child in the family and that must raise the girl child in the similar way that they raise their boy. In things education, love, priorities etc. both men and women should be treated equally.

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