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  • Tejasri

    June 15, 2021 at 3:46 pm
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    Good communication is very important to convey what is there in the mind. Whatever language, communicating in a understandable way is very important.

    Even though the person is good at skills and is capable of doing things better, lack of communication degrades the skills and brings a negative mark on the person which is a bad thing for the individual.

    For example:-

    For instance, if an individual is going to an interview with great confidence. An individual who is good at different kinds of skills, and also good at executing them and he is lack of communication skills. As the person is not a good communicator, the person faces difficulty in explaining the things to the other person which is known to him. Instantly, this brings a bad impression on the person and a negative mark will be marked on him. The negative mark has a lot to do with. The negative mark can also lead to the rejection of the person in the interview.

    Being knowledgeable is very important to achieve certain goals in life, attaining good communication skills and being a good communicator is also equally important to achieve high in the life. Being a good communicator is not A big deal. It is so easy as the lifestyle. Any individual can be good communicator if he communicates all the time with other people in the possible way.

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