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Activity Discussion General Discussion what is the purpose of education? Reply To: what is the purpose of education?

  • Anushree

    June 15, 2021 at 8:26 pm
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    Education is a basic primary necessity as well as a right to which every individual must have access to. Education gives us knowledge and brings us to light from the darkness of superstition and other wrong things. Education does not only mean high profiled degrees from renowned institutes it has a very deep meaning it means enlighten our souls with the light of knowledge and truth. Education shows direction to people it also helps us to develop ourselves in terms of technology as well as moral values. Basic education is a must for each and every individual as it teaches the meaning of life and is important for a healthy lifestyle, but unfortunately till date many of us are abandoned from the right of education and still remain in the darkness.

    Education leads to make people knowledgeable and knowledge is the only weapon with which we can upgrade ourselves and move forward in life. The teaching learning process is beneficial for both the teacher and the student and should be conducted in a healthy manner. Education helps in the healthy growth of our mentality and makes it possible for us to touch new horizons and create history. Without education we human beings are just a mere animal like every other creature.

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