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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Write a short note on How science make an impact on our lives. Reply To: Write a short note on How science make an impact on our lives.

  • Anushree

    June 15, 2021 at 8:51 pm
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    Science and technology have a major impact in all our lives, since the technical evolution we human beings are constantly using science to make our lives easier. From the very beginning till the end of the day and even in the tenure when we are asleep, we use technology in some or the other way. Science is a boon for us, but in the other hand as everything has it own merits and demerits there are also people who do use science for a bad cause.

    We have witnessed how science develop our transportation from wheels to automated cars, we have also witnessed havoc in the medical fields. Science has introduced us to technology and technology has brought revolution in our world, today we are living with artificial intelligence which has and is also continuing doing wonders. In this fast-growing world we human beings are always surrounded by machines and gadgets which are also a gift from science and help us in a lot way. In today’s world where we all are wrapped from top to bottom technology is our only savior today we can solve all our problems with just a single click and we have also got tremendous features like personal assistant all from science.

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