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Activity Discussion General Discussion Is it important to have a object or goal in a life? Reply To: Is it important to have a object or goal in a life?

  • Anushree

    June 16, 2021 at 6:13 pm
    Not Helpful

    It is very important to have a goal or objective for each and everyone out there. Without a specific goal in life a person is basically directionless and it often happens that they get lost in life and are mostly not able to achieve anything.

    Chalking out the goal of life is a very sensitive as well a serious task and it must be given enough time before jumping on to a conclusion. A goal should be decided upon one’s own merits and capabilities and not by the influence of other people. It is tough to decide a goal but what is tougher is to dedicatedly work day and night for that goal. Being focused is very much important it adds a lot of value whatever we do and think. Every individual has their personal perspective to life and goals also vary from person to person but whatever it is one has to work hard with determination to reach the goal and achieve success. Discipline is the key which plays a vital role in determining our success and needs to be taken care of. A goal inspires a person to walk that extra mile each day to reach a particular destination.

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