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Activity Discussion General Discussion Limit for emotions Reply To: Limit for emotions

  • Shweta

    June 16, 2021 at 6:24 pm
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    Emotions are the feelings of ourselves which we express. There are many emotions into us which comes out according to the situation and places. Everybody has emotions in them. It cannot be said that someone is emotionless or feeling less. But the thing here needs to be understood is, emotions should also be in a limit and control. You should have control on it. We usually listen that showing too much of emotions gives the chance to others to make fun of ourselves.

    Our respect is in our hands. Our emotions needs to be controlled and in a limit.

    The emotion of anger

    We usually gets angry at arising situations. Sometimes, some situation arises that people gets angry and if your anger is present , it is surely needs to come out but doing too much anger at anything will affect on your health and make you frustrated and irritated for all the times you will feel angry. That is the reason why we should have control on our anger.

    The emotion of love

    If you have a soft corner for someone, you feel good by seeing someone, this emotion of love should be expressed only when someone have the same feelings for you. If you feel and show your feelings at one side, you will be taken as a joke. At that time, your emotion of love should be controlled.

    Everyone has feelings and emotions, we just need to do is to have control on it. Everything in a limitations are good. The excess of anything will give you bad result.

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