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Activity Discussion General Discussion Have you ever cried watching a movie? Reply To: Have you ever cried watching a movie?

  • Ishita

    June 17, 2021 at 1:02 pm
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    Movies are the embodiment of real life. Various times we see movies which are really very similar to our lives. Also there are lots of movies which are not so similar to our lives. But the things which are always similar to our lives are emotions. The emotion of some movies can be so heart touching some times that we can’t stop our tears. Sometimes tears will come out of joy and sometimes it comes out of sorrow. There some list of movies which made me cry-

    Sophie’s choice:- This 1982 movie is about a tragic and heartbreaking story of polish girl. Who encountered a massive tragedy in her life during World War II. The character of Sophie is beautifully portrayed by the legendary actress Meryl Streep. I challenge you can’t hold your tears.

    Mother India:- Mother India is 1957 story which powerfully describes the poverty and the struggle of farmers by Radha, a young woman who struggles to raise her children under the very tragic circumstances of her life. Radha is powerfully portrayed by Nargis. This film became the first nominated for an Academy Award.

    The graves of Fireflies:- This is the most devastating war story I have ever seen. This is anime tale of 1988. This story follows the life of Seita, a teenager who raised his five year old sister Setsuko. World War II separated them from their parents. The whole destruction by the war can be seen by the lives of them.

    Devdas:- Devdas follow the legendary story of Bengali Novelist Saratchandra Chattopaadhyaay in the same name. This 2002 drama follows the tragic life of a lawyer Devdas Mukherjee who lost the love of his life Parvati for some conspiracy. The character of Devdas beautifully portrait by Sha Ruk khan, we can’t head our tears by the pain of dev.

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