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Activity Discussion Environment What problem people face during Rainy season? Reply To: What problem people face during Rainy season?

  • tanya

    June 17, 2021 at 5:12 pm
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    Monsoon is the season that is almost liked by everyone. It comes after summer so people get relieved from the unbearable heat. Children mostly like to play in the rain. Some children also make boats that they would float on the water collected in front of their homes or their terraces. People like to eat Pakoras in this season.

    Though this season protects people from the scorching sun rays of the summer but it also brings many diseases along with it. People who like to get wet in the rain tend to bring home many diseases. This combination of humid climate, heavy rains, and strong winds tend to infect people with a lot of diseases. Viral fever is one of the common diseases that people can catch by getting wet in the rainy season. Along with viral fever, catching a cold and cough, swine flu, stomach infections are also some common health problems that people catch very easily.

    One should avoid getting wet in the rain, especially in the first rain of the season as it is very dangerous for our body. It contains pollutants and toxic gases which make the water acidic and harmful for our skin. One should avoid eating street food these days. We should prefer having a healthy and balanced diet. We should try and keep our homes clean during the rainy season. We should stay protected from mosquitoes in this season especially as they may infect us with many diseases.

    Diseases like cholera spread in this season. It is mainly caused by drinking contaminated water. It generally spreads in places with poor sanitation facilities. There is one more disease that spreads by contaminated food or water- Typhoid. Viral fever also infects people in this season. The moment a person gets wet in the rain, he starts sneezing and catches a cold. That is the symptom of viral infection.

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