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Activity Discussion Environment What problem people face during Rainy season? Reply To: What problem people face during Rainy season?

  • Anushree

    June 17, 2021 at 8:43 pm
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    Rainy season is one of the most awaiting seasons after the scorching heat of summer the rainy season quenches the thirst of earth as well as its civilians, it helps crops to grow and restores our ground water level and also provides us relief. But at the same time this monsoon season also causes a lot of problems some of them are being discussed below:

    1. It makes travelling a lot more difficult and we need to carry umbrella every time, travelling in two wheelers or walking off to a place becomes almost impossible as at any time of the day it can start raining.

    2. Heavy monsoons often clog draining and as a result in flooding of roads which also gives rise to dangerous diseases such as dengue and malaria as water becomes stagnant and it breeds insect such as mosquito.

    3. Monsoon causes damp and this also allows the growth of various fungus which also leads to various skin disease.

    4. As it rains continuously clothes do not get time to dry and this causes a massive chaos in the household.

    5. Number of accidents also increases as pot holes are created and also does get filled with water.

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