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Activity Discussion Essay What are the benefits of joints families? Reply To: What are the benefits of joints families?

  • Anushree

    June 17, 2021 at 9:56 pm
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    Joint families were predominant in the early days, in today’s date joint families are rare. A joint family is basically a family where everyone like grandparent, aunt, uncle cousins stay together. With the passage of time due to internal malfunctioning joint families have been broken down into nuclear families which consists of only the mother, father and their children. The culture of joint family had a great impact on human lives and have numerous benefits such as:

    1. Joint families imparted the value of unity and even practically demonstrated it, if a problem arises then it is not that only person e=who is into it solves it but the entire family joins hand and does the work this again makes the work simplified as everyone does their expertise.

    2. In joint family children learn to share things and not act selfish they grow compassion for each other and also learn to love and care for each other.

    3. People share their happiness as well as sorrow as a result there are very less chances of getting depressed or suffering from anxiety when one lives in a joint family.

    4. Grandparents imparts their knowledge and care into their grandchildren and make them rich in culture.

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