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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on solar energy Reply To: Essay on solar energy

  • Mahima

    June 18, 2021 at 5:27 pm
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    Solar energy is a popular source of energy these days. Many homes, businesses, workplaces, schools, and institutions rely on solar energy to meet their energy needs. Solar energy is the energy obtained from the sun and transformed into thermal or electrical energy using a photovoltaic cell. Solar energy is renewable since it will never run out as long as the sun exists. Solar energy is also a non-polluting energy source since no hazardous gases, chemicals, or fly ash are created during the generation of solar energy.

    When sunlight strikes the earth and strikes a photovoltaic cell, it generates electricity through an electronic process, and the electric energy is stored in batteries through a chemical process, and it can be used to power anything from calculators and road signs to homes and large commercial businesses.

    As pollution has become a major issue in recent years, solar energy is being produced in significant quantities in many large nations to maintain the environment clean and the air pollution-free. In addition, several nations have mandated that their residents install solar panels on their rooftops or plant trees.

    Solar energy is not only non-polluting, but it also has a low maintenance cost, thus a solar power plant requires less labor than a thermal power plant. Solar panels can also be installed on the roof of a home or workplace. To eliminate pollution, which has become a global issue in recent years, we must transition from nonrenewable to renewable energy sources.

    With all of these benefits, there are some drawbacks to using solar energy. The first drawback of using solar energy is the high initial cost of installation. To store a considerable amount of solar energy, a personal space for the batteries is required.

    If a solar panel is damaged, it must be replaced with a new one if the warranty term has expired, and the cost of a new solar panel is expensive.

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