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Activity Discussion General Discussion Why extracurricular activities is important for students? Reply To: Why extracurricular activities is important for students?

  • Shweta

    June 18, 2021 at 8:01 pm
    Not Helpful

    In student’s life, studies are very important in life. Being a student, a child should be in the fields of talents as well se co-curricular activities. Whether the child’s interested field is in sports, speaking, debates, elocution, acting etc. But a student should prioritize their studies first and along with that they should take part in other activities as well. A child without other activities are dull.

    Students taking part in co-curricular activities makes them confident

    The students taking part in co-curricular activities build confident in themselves. They get a chance to prove themselves and learn in every field. The national, zonal and international level selection makes the student do well in their fields.

    The participation certificate of other activities helps the students in further admissions in schools and colleges and other areas as well.

    Students become smarter by participating in co-curricular activities. They get highlighted by their activities and gets a reputed image in their school. It improves the student’s academic performance

    Students get higher with their self-esteem. Students learn the time management as well. Personal growth and development of students gets better as well.

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