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Activity Discussion General Discussion Why extracurricular activities is important for students? Reply To: Why extracurricular activities is important for students?

  • Anushree

    June 18, 2021 at 9:19 pm
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    Extracurricular activities constitute a good part of the education system and it is very obvious as it ensures the overall development of the student, this further also helps them to be groomed and develop other skill sets excluding education which is very important for life and also comes very handy in the near future. They teach student how to bring out their inner creativity also introduces them to the field of creativity which they are good at. And also help them to try practical hands-on things.

    Cocurricular activities include sport, dance, music, art, elocution and various other soft skills which one must master in order to be established in life and prove oneself. Education alone is not only enough a person should be sound in both technical and non-technical fields. The art of dealing with complex situation is also taught by the extraordinary cocurricular activities as students get to deal with unexpected original situation and not only theory.

    Extracurricular activities also boost students mentally and encourages them to follow their passion and not a forced career which is very important. Many a times parents do not support participating in cocurricular but its high time for us all to understand the importance of these activities.

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