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Activity Discussion Essay Ten tips on writing a good essay Reply To: Ten tips on writing a good essay

  • Anushree

    June 18, 2021 at 9:29 pm
    Not Helpful

    Ten tips to write a great essay:

    1. An essay must have a very attractive headline in accordance to the content.

    2. The content should be taken care of and one should not blabber.

    3. The use of a quotation in the starting of an essay marks a great impression on the writer.

    4. The division of paragraphs should be taken good care of.

    5. There must be an introductory paragraph in the beginning and one para marking the conclusion.

    6. One must take care of spelling and tenses because wrong spelling and tenses gives a very bad impression.

    7. An essay should be descriptive and should always maintain a standard word limit in case the word limit is not mentioned.

    8. One must prepare an outline and mark a rough sketch before writing the final essay.

    9. One must show a very good use of vocabulary in order to enhance the quality of the essay.

    10. Make sure to talk for the entire topic and provide relevant information and not repeat things.

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