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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on “My sibling”. Reply To: Write an essay on “My sibling”.

  • tanya

    June 19, 2021 at 1:58 pm
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    Siblings are the most important person in anyone’s life. My sibling is 7 years younger than me. In my family, there are 4 members including me- my father, mother, my sister, and me. I am really fond of her. The bond between sisters, as we already has always been special. Sisters are someone who grows, cries, and laughs with you. She knows all your mischievous stuff and all your secrets.

    My sister is the one with whom I am able to share all my feelings. Some feelings are there which you cannot share with your parents or anyone else, and at that time she is the one who will listen to you and guide you probably on the right path.

    My sister has always been my partner in crime. Irrespective of the fact, that I am 7 years elder than her, we do the craziest stuff together. Our mother always gets irritated by our crazy activities. We sing together in our totally silly voices, we dance till we get tired. As a team, we can do miracles. She helps me whenever I need her and she knows that I am there for her whenever she needs me. No matter how far we get, we are always connected by our hearts. People say that the best people are those who are there in your hard times as well as the good ones. And she has been there every time. Sometimes, we can’t celebrate together but I am really assured of the fact that whenever I am depressed or whenever I need her, she is there by my side. She knows me better than anyone else. She knows what I like or dislike. And tries every time to make up for everything. There are obviously some fights in every relationship but we make sure that we overcome them and become really good friends again.

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