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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on Benifit of exercise. Reply To: Write an essay on Benifit of exercise.

  • Shweta

    June 19, 2021 at 6:07 pm
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    Exercise is the most important part of humans life. And in today’s time, compared to the early days, we live in the world full of mixtures of harmful chemical substances in the food we eat on a regular basis. These sort of things gives bad impact on our body and our body needs to detoxify and clean out everyday.

    The foods contains more of carbs and more of fats which sticks into our body due to which the body results in getting fatter and the diseases like pcod etc., takes place.

    Exercising regularly is not important till the fact of detoxifying our body, but it also helps the body in other ways. Exercising regularly helps you to lose weight and your body remains fit and fine which looks good.

    Regulation in the exercise gives a glow on your face as because you sweat while you exercise and sweating makes your face and body clean up. All your dirt comes out with your sweat and your face glows.

    You will be disease free if you exercise on a regular basis. It is because the body which works out on a regular basis, no disease can touch that body.

    You will feel fresh and active for the whole day and your energetic mind will work more faster in all the works. Your sleeping schedule remains maintained as because you feel fresh all day, your laziness ends so you sleep at a right time.

    With a proper exercise, you should also have a proper diet which contains protein, good fat etc. These factors are required because you workout everyday and you need extra power.

    Everyone should exercise regularly. It will give you nothing but only the profits.

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