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Activity Discussion General Discussion comment on why can’t we breathe in space? Reply To: comment on why can’t we breathe in space?

  • Shivani

    June 20, 2021 at 9:45 am
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    Try to climb Mount Everest without putting your own oxygen with you. Some people have been able to get used to the situation, and what time to be there for them to have to go down. To the majority of people can’t do that. They have to inject, oxygen, or they will die. Well, in general, and while you are at the summit of Mount Everest, you’re going to die. If you are returning to the air, which is reliable in sealing, you can restore it, if the loss or damage was not too far gone.

    Try it on a commercial or private aircraft at the aircraft lost cabin pressure. If you don’t have an oxygen mask on the table, you will pass by within a few minutes of lack of oxygen, and you will be dumb, and not able to understand what has happened in the last few seconds before you pass out. And this is coming from the air is a bit thin due to the fact that it is only 6 to 8 m above the Ground. In your question, you have the following to say about the atmosphere, which is further diluted, it is at an altitude of a few hundred kilometers above the surface.

    The air that we breathe there is a thin layer on the surface of the Earth. In air (a gas), it has a weight, so the weight is in the vicinity of the Ground. The weight of the air above it creates pressure on you and those around you. This is the pressure that pushes air into your lungs as you breathe in. Without it, even with the air, it would not be in if you are not using all of your strength, and with every breath you take.

    Up in the air, the less air is above you pushing down. With less pressure, less heavy. This means that the components of the gas molecules are moving further and further away from each other, and the higher they will be. And even less of it. Instead, billions of dollars of oxygen molecules for every cubic centimeter, and there are millions of them, thousands and thousands, but… Not enough to count. Your body needs oxygen, as soon as we are able to provide, in the immediate vicinity of the Earth. If you are the thinner you can’t get enough of them in order to continue using all of the processes in our body can use it. You’re going to have to die for it.

    We have already seen that the concentration of in the air, to an altitude of a few kilometers above the surface is too low to sustain life. What we call space is at a much higher level .

    “If you’re flying higher and higher into the atmosphere, the air is thinner, which means that the aircraft has the greater speed, that of the wings to create the lift needed to keep it in the air. The Pocket line is the point at which the velocity that is required to adjust the height of which is equal to its escape velocity is the speed at which the ship stops at the end of the curvature of the Earth, and the ship begins to enter the room.” There are also a couple of good pictures.

    At the height of the Karman line, the density of the air is less than two to one (1/2, 000, 000) the density at sea level. Or, two, one million times thinner than on the face of the Earth.

    Basically, if you’re so high up, without food or as a space suit, you would not be able to detect the sky in general. Your lungs are completely empty (I assume), and you’re going to die within a matter of seconds.

    Also, you can’t get that high on a plane, because of their engines require oxygen from the air to burn the fuel. Remember, Felix Baumgartner, the man who was dressed in a space suit underneath ?????????? it is like a giant balloon, once again, from an altitude of about 24 miles? It was a record. This is much higher than the plane flies.

    When he’s not wearing a space suit, it would not matter if the oxygen in the bus with him, because he couldn’t get enough oxygen and, to a friend to keep him conscious and alive.

    We know that the ratio of the density of the informed, as well, that we will be able to trust the altitude, which depends on the pressure of the air to determine the height above the ground. To a certain extent. In fact, if you go higher, the pressure is not enough you will have to register on instagram.

    The space shuttle and the space station is at an altitude of several hundred kilometers.

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