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Activity Discussion Essay What is unemployment? Reply To: What is unemployment?

  • Ishita

    June 21, 2021 at 1:20 pm
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    Unemployment meaning a situation in which skilled and talented people are finding jobs but didn’t get one proper job. Unemployment is a very critical issue not only in India but also in the whole world. There are billions of people out there who do not have proper employment. The problem of unemployment is very significant in India because of the growing population which increases demand for jobs. If we avoid this problem then it will become the reason for the destruction of the nation.There are several kinds of unemployment like, disguised unemployment, seasonal unemployment, open unemployment, technological unemployment, structural unemployment. Among this all seasonal unemployment, under unemployment, and disguised unemployment are the most common unemployment that is found in India. In our country India a large number of the population is unemployed. The major reason for unemployment is it’s population and slow economic growth. The situation of employment is so deteriorated that the highly educated people are ready to do jobs for sweeper. The government does not take this matter seriously. If things go on like their current situation then unemployment will become a vital issue. If we don’t able to resolve this issue many destructive things will happen like, in an economy which is an increase in poverty, an increase in crime rate, exploitation of labor, political instability, mental health, and loss of skills. As a result, the whole nation will collapse. Government should take quick action in employment. Various schemes are created as a cause of unemployment like, IRDP (Integrated Rural Development Programme), DPAP (Drought Prone Area Programme), NRY (Nehru Rozgar Yojana), Training for self-Employment, PMIUPEP (Prime Minister’s Integrated Urban Poverty Eradication Program) etc. Besides these schemes, the government should make flexible rules and regulations. India is in a very critical stage of unemployment but the government now seems to be take this matter seriously and works on it.

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