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Activity Discussion Environment How to created a pollution free environment. Reply To: How to created a pollution free environment.

  • Aruja

    June 21, 2021 at 5:52 pm
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    This is a very harsh reality that we no longer live in environment where we can say that we are taking fresh air every e particle that we take in contains in purity and it because the amount of pollution into the air is very high nowadays due to the various mistakes made by the humans to comfort them and to fulfill their needs and greed. Environment give us a number of things that we utilise every day and without them we cannot survive but still we exploited so as being a human it is a responsibility to take care of our environment.

    1) we can reduce the use of electricity appliances and use solar panels to create solar energy which is eco friendly.

    2) wooden stove are the traditional stove that were used in the the traditional cooking method in which we used to cook with the help of burning wood this create a lot of pollution and it is harmful for the health of the entire family instead we should use efficient appliances that are lower in cost and quick cooking is done.

    3) everyday a lot of pollution is created because of the vehicles. People often use their private vehicles to go to different places instead of the public transport so we should reduce the use of our private vehicles to reduce the pollution caused by the vehicle.

    4) if we start taking a little charge of a daily Lifestyle that we will not pollute by spreading litter on the ground using unnecessary items that are harmful for ecosystem we can reduce the pollution in the environment. It is just about changing a life style and little.

    5) we should reduce the use of chemicals and pesticides.

    6) we should reduce the carbon footprints and cut down the air pollution. We can reduce the use of air conditioner or heaters and refrigerators that consume electricity and generate heat on a high-level. Some of these appliances also produce harmful gases.

    7) we should apply the method of reduce recycle and reuse to decompose the waste material or we can say to use the waste material the correct way so that less waste material is left in the.

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