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Activity Discussion Essay Importance of social life Reply To: Importance of social life

  • Ishita

    June 22, 2021 at 12:33 pm
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    Importance if social life

    Social life is an important thing to everyone. If you have a good social life then it will make you happy and active. Poor social life can make you left out and unhappy. Happiness can be very good for your overall health, and part of being happy is having an active social life and building healthy communication with others. So how we spend time with friends, relatives and family can decide our social life. But to lead an active social life you have to be surrounded with intoxicated people. People who are in healthier and happier relationships practice good behaviors that support their overall health, which can maintain them to lead a happy social life. They like to meet different kinds of folks and introduce themselves to different kinds of people. So our social life is basically based on how healthy the atmosphere is. If we are in a happy mental state our social life would be very active. Happy and positive life makes life a bit easier. We can easily fight with the hardship we face. Like a person whose economic and social conditions are more stable than others who can lead a more active social life . Like for poor people their social life is next to nothing. The main thing for them is the struggle of survival. So for the underprivileged people social life is not so active. Can you ever see a beggar having a social life? No. If we in every situation can maintain a social life it’s good for us. If we can share our hardship with others our pain can become a little less. So being a active social life is very important in this negative world. So be happy and positive it will improve your life in every possible way.

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