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Activity Discussion General Discussion Why sleep is important for our health. Reply To: Why sleep is important for our health.

  • Aruja

    June 22, 2021 at 5:17 pm
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    Healthy person should get eight hours a sleep in a day

    It helps you to get more productive and concentrated while you are working.

    If you are taking a good amount to sleep there will be less risk of weight gain also there is no such clear explanation of weight gain and less sleep but still it is a fact that is known that less sleep results in weight gain being less active during the day because you haven’t Get Enough amount of sleep can be the reason behind the weight gain.

    A healthy amount of sleep can give you a better cal regulation as you will be able to consume less cal in the day time because you have recharged Yourself by sleeping a healthy amount of time.

    No matter in which never figured you work he require energy to work and especially if you are an sports person or a fitness freak then sleep can be the key to your goals because if you are taking a good amount of sleep you can be more active during your work time you will be more concentrated energetic and productive faster in speed you will have a better mental functioning and so that you can also keep an eye on what you are eating and also you require less amount of calories.

    It lowers the risk of heart diseases.

    Sleep provide you more social and emotional intelligence as you will be more concentrated when you are are interacting with someone or you are trying to decode someones inner emotions.

    If you are not getting a good amount of sleep you will surely suffer from depression, stress tension over thinking, insomnia, sleeping disorder. These kind of mental diseases. These are very common diseases that are are found when you get very less amount of sleep and of course if you are not able to sleep, you should definitely concern to a therapist or a doctor, as it can be the sign that you are suffering from some mental problem which can lead to anger, irritation and this can create a huge disturbance in your relationships and you can even try to commit suicides from all the pressure.

    A good amount of sleep can provide you a very strong immune system as when you are sleep your body automatically goes in a mode where it will repair itself regenerate and recover from injuries or any of the inner problem.

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