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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on social media Reply To: Essay on social media

  • Shweta

    June 22, 2021 at 7:00 pm
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    Social media is great platform which has helped in all ways to human beings. The specific tasks has been ensured with it’s specific applications. Only one need to do is to create an id on it and anyone can take advantage of it. Henceforth there has been huge help in covid-19 by social media apps. The social media applications such as Google meet, zoom, clouds etc. has helped a lot to people with the continuation of their works through video calls and meetings. The studies, the office works has been helped a lot by these social media applications.

    The applications such as facebook, whatsapp, instagram etc, helps alot in sending and receiving pictures, talking and chatting with everyone. All these are the solutions are the reasons people are connected with each other by living in any corner of the world.

    There are many other applications which helps you in many other ways. Such as stock market, share market etc., can be seen and operated through the applications. The applications has also been invented for workout and all such which teaches you through online professionals etc.

    Henceforth, we should use such things in limitations for a proper usage.

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