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Activity Discussion General Discussion Why are mobiles essential these days? Reply To: Why are mobiles essential these days?

  • Tejasri

    June 23, 2021 at 12:14 pm
    Not Helpful

    The mobile phones have become the greatest blessing to the mankind by making the works so easier. They play a important role in smart way of working. Everything has become so easier after the arrival of the mobile phones. But, there is bad effect when the mobiles are over used.

    The mobile phones are to be used only in the limits. Whenever there is a need or a work in the mobile phones can be used and should be put aside whenever there is nothing to do with them. But, the individual must not go on a sourcing the mobile phone or playing games etc.

    Playing games has become one of the greatest problems for the children. As the games are more realistic, Many of the children are attracted to them and thinking of them all the time. This happens whenever the individual is addicted to something. The addiction must be broken in the initial times because whenever it is too late it is very difficult to come over a particular thing. So, it is better when an individual stops the addiction from something like mobile phone and also important to makes the children to be away from the mobiles.

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