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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on Father’s Day Reply To: Write an essay on Father’s Day

  • Mahima

    June 23, 2021 at 6:02 pm
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    We grew up watching superhero stories and cartoons. Everyone desires a superhero in their lives. However, the true and first superhero in a child’s life is their father. The father is the emblem of power that connects the entire family for everyone. A father works diligently day and night to provide for his entire family, both financially and morally.

    When we are trapped in a difficulty, the first person who comes to mind is our father. Father is an important part of society and serves as a cornerstone for the family, on whom we may rely. To honor all dads across the globe and their contributions, we celebrate Father’s Day on June 21st every year.

    Father’s Day is celebrated with pomp and circumstance throughout India. It’s a day for a very unique celebration. Children show their fathers their love and respect by giving them presents and notes. Several educational institutions, including schools and universities, organize various cultural activities to encourage interaction between students and their dads.

    That day, several Father’s Day shows were broadcast on television and radio. People flood online portals and social media with photos of themselves with their fathers, ranging from childhood to adulthood.

    People nowadays are usually preoccupied with their hectic lives and may not be able to convey their love and support to their dads regularly. That is why we celebrate Father’s Day to thank our fathers for their extraordinary contributions.

    The importance of our fathers in our life cannot be expressed in words. So, on Father’s Day, we celebrate fatherhood and thank our fathers for all of their love and support throughout our lives.

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