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Activity Discussion Essay Write a short note on education system of India. Reply To: Write a short note on education system of India.

  • Mahima

    June 23, 2021 at 6:08 pm
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    Education is an important component of India’s economic success. Since its independence, India has been committed to increasing literacy rates in the country. Many initiatives are undertaken by the Indian government to promote primary and secondary education in India.

    Over time, the Indian education system has evolved. With the creation of the nation by the British, there was a significant shift in our educational system. The British government was the one who introduced modern education to India because they wanted a few educated Indians to help them manage the country. Read the article on India’s Education System.

    The Indian Education System Essay is split into four sections.

    Upper primary and lower primary<div>

    Secondary school and further secondary school

    Our schools and universities give an education that is disconnected from reality. The curriculum, as developed and delivered through traditional methods of education, does not provide pupils with an insight into the real world in which they live. They feel ill-adjusted in society after finishing their schooling.

    The education practice must contribute to the formation of healthy habits, attitudes, and character traits in students so that they become productive and disciplined members of the nation after completing their studies.

    Students’ personality development should be prioritized in education. Sometimes in our nation, schools fail to provide such instruction to pupils, resulting in poor self-confidence. If schools contribute to the development of students’ interpersonal abilities, they will rise like a star. This instruction will assist students in establishing future professions based on employment.

    Each student is significant, and each one has the right to receive undivided attention throughout their academic development. Some schools and universities in India are overcrowded, making it difficult for professors to provide personalized attention to pupils. As a result, schools must focus on the growth of each kid.


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