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  • tanya

    June 24, 2021 at 1:41 am
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    There is a popular saying “Every educated person is not knowledgeable, but every knowledgeable person is educated”. This may seem a bit backward, but it is true. Nearly all the people are educated these days in their fields, but only some of them have an in-depth understanding of their subjects.

    Knowledge is something that remains with us throughout our lives. The way we say that we have got a life lesson, the same way is knowledge. We gain knowledge from our experiences. Knowledge is the most important tool in life, as it has the capability to create and destroy life on Earth as well. KNowledge, if used in the right way, can be very advantageous to human life. It all depends on whether it is in the right hands or not. People may use knowledge in the wrong way as well. Like, we are acknowledging people who create bombs, or plan bomb blasts in parts of the country have an evil mind and they are obviously using their knowledge in the wrong path of life. Moreover, knowledge also helps to distinguish between humans and animals. Using your experience to help others in different phases of life is termed knowledge.

    Knowledge is something that helps you in different spheres of life. It helps you to drive a car, manage a business deal, solve a puzzle, etc. It is something that stops people from repeating their mistakes again and again. Knowledge can’t be bought, it has to be earned. It comes to people mostly with experience. Even if a person gains in-depth knowledge of a subject or anything, they may receive utmost knowledge in that field.

    Some people don’t share their knowledge with others. But they should know the more you share, the more knowledge you gain. It helps us to reach the success ladders in life.

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