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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Nouns and pronouns Reply To: Nouns and pronouns

  • Ishita

    June 24, 2021 at 11:25 am
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    Noun is parts of speech which indefinitely and describe different kinds of names, like name of people, object, place, quality etc.

    Example:- Mahatma Gandhi, India, Kolkata, Ganga, Bus, Sun etc.

    There you can see all of these are identify a particular name, like Mahatma Gandhi is a name of a person and Kolkata is the name of a place. So that’s why these all are a noun.

    Types of Noun:-

    There are 8 different kinds of noun. These different kinds of noun can help to identify the various types of nous. So the name of the types are-

    1) Proper Noun

    2) Common Noun

    3) Concrete Noun

    4) Abstract Noun

    5) Compound Noun

    6) Collective Noun

    7) Countable noun

    8) Un Countable noun



    Pronoun is parts of speech which is replaced noun or used in the place of noun in a sentence, it identity noun in a sentence.


    He, she, we, they, how, who, which, us, etc is a pronoun.

    Rita is good girl. She go school daily.

    Here Rita is a noun as it define name, in the next sentence She is replaced Rita , it identity the noun in the next sentence, so She is a pronoun.

    He is good runner.

    She is the prettiest girl.

    They can not beat us.

    Types of pronoun:-

    There 10 types of pronoun. These different kinds of pronoun can help to identify the various types of nous. So the name of the types are-

    1. Personal pronouns
    2. Demonstrative pronouns
    3. Interrogative pronoun
    4. Indefinite pronouns
    5. Possessive pronouns
    6. Reciprocal pronouns
    7. Relative pronouns
    8. Reflexive pronouns
    9. Distributive pronoun
    10. Intensive pronoun

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