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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on national festivals? Reply To: Essay on national festivals?

  • Ishita

    June 24, 2021 at 11:54 am
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    National festival

    National festivals are the pride of India. The most three important national festivals are- The Republic Day, The Independent Day and Gandhi jayanti. In the national festivals, the government declares national holidays throughout the country. Republic Day celebrated on 26 January, it celebrated the emergence of India as a secular country and the inception and declaration of Indian Constitution. Independence Day is celebrated on 15 August. It celebrated the independence India got from the ruling of British Raj. India had freedom on this day. Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on 2nd October. It is the birth anniversary of the great Indian leader and freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi aka Gandhiji, The Father Of The Nations. Many thought provoking and patriotic activities are done during this day. Many dramas, debates, speeches and plays are performed in school and colleges. Most importantly the tricolor National flag is hosted all over the country and the national anthem is sung by all. On this occasion of national festivals many patriotic movies and programs are played on the television sets. People forget all differences and celebrate these festivals with unity. National festivals based on the principal “Unity is diversity” Which is very important for the secular land of India. These festivals are the backbone of democracy. These festivals give us the message of unity, solidarity and brotherhood which are very important for the progess of a secular country like India.

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