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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Nouns and pronouns Reply To: Nouns and pronouns

  • Anushree

    June 24, 2021 at 10:33 pm
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    Noun in English grammar is defined as a naming word, which is used to name a person, place or a thing. A noun is a part of speech, Nouns can basically be classified into five types:

    1. PROPER NOUN: A proper noun is a special name of a particular person, place or thing. It always begins with a capital letter.

    Ex: Ravi, Sheela, Akbar (Person)

    Delhi, London, Agra (Place)

    Television, Book, Table (Thing)

    2. COMMON NOUN: A common noun is the general ordinary name of a person. Place or a thing.

    Ex: Boy, Girl, Man, Women (Person)

    Village, City, Town (Place)

    Car, Furniture (Thing)

    3. COLLECTIVE NOUN: A collective noun is the name of a group or a collection of similar person.

    Ex: Committee, Fleet, a flock of birds, a group of dancers, a parliament of owl.

    4. ABSTRACT NOUN: An abstract noun is the name of a quality a person or a thing have, action they take or state they find themselves in.

    Ex: Darkness, Kindness, Bravery, Brightness.

    5. MATERIAL NOUN: A material noun is the name of a substance of which a certain thing is made up of.

    Ex: Iron, gold, brass, marble, copper

    Pronoun is a word in the basic English grammar which defines a noun, there are total eleven classifications of pronoun:

    1. Personal Pronoun

    2. Reflexive Pronoun

    3. Emphatic Pronoun

    4. Demonstrative Pronoun

    5. Indefinite Pronoun

    6. Interrogative Pronoun

    7. Distributive Pronoun

    8. Reciprocal Pronoun

    9. Relative Pronoun

    10. Relative compound Pronoun

    11. Possessive Pronoun

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