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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on “Education of girls”. Reply To: Write an essay on “Education of girls”.

  • tanya

    June 25, 2021 at 4:28 am
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    If we go according to the statistics, India is one of the most populated countries in the world. However, the rate of girls’ education is very low in the country. It gets very disappointing to see such figures where women are bestowed as the status of Goddesses.

    In ancient times, women were not even allowed to step out of the houses for any work. They were just made to sit back at home and do household chores. But times are changing now. The thinking of people is changing these days. There is a lot of improvement in the mindset of people now. Many people wish to educate their girls and make them succeed in life. However, in rural India, the scenario is entirely different. People don’t allow their girls to move out of their homes for studies. Girls are forced either to work on their farms or to sit back at home to help their mothers.

    The government has also taken some initiatives to bring about a change in the education system in India. Many schools have been built in rural areas where the children can go and study free of cost and also they are provided with many benefits like Mid-Day meal. Mid-Day meals are provided in government schools where the children are been provided with the food without paying anything. All the expenses are been handled by the government.

    Social issues lie child labor and child marriage are the problems that fall in the pathway of girl education. People should think beyond that and should try to educate their girls to make them succeed in life and achieve some great milestones. People pull off girls from school to marry them off at an early age. And also, child labor becomes a barrier for girls in their studies. They don’t get enough time to study.

    We should understand our part and try to motivate them for studies and also help them in whatever way we can.

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