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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on national festivals? Reply To: Essay on national festivals?

  • tanya

    June 25, 2021 at 5:05 am
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    There are three basic festivals that are of utmost importance and celebrated with great pride in India. They are Independence Day, Republic Day, and Gandhi Jayanti. People celebrate these festivals with much significance as the religious festivals of India. The citizens of India are all drenched in patriotism on these days.

    These festivals are celebrated in the form of many different events at various locations in the country. Many companies provide leaves to their employees on these big days. These offices celebrate these occasions a day prior by arranging some stalls for their employees to ease the office atmosphere and get some fun in the office premises. Roads are decorated with tricolor flags all around. Balloons, fairy lights, bands are all draped in tricolor to get the feeling of patriotism in the citizens of the country. In schools, children celebrate these days in the form of fancy dress competitions, essay writing, poem recitation, and many more. Children also participate in the parades that are to be held during these functions. Children are taught to march in the parade professionally carrying our tricolor flag in their hands and then marching down.

    In a country full of diversity, all the people come together on these days to celebrate their worth. Some people even go to Red Fort where flag hoisting is done by the Prime Minister of India. Those who cannot go watch the live telecast on their television sets. Now, Gandhi Jayanti has been named Swatch Bharat Abhiyan where people come together and try to clean their roads and take into consideration that they should not litter on the roads.

    People celebrate these festivals with great pride and enthusiasm. These festivals are celebrated most importantly to honor our leaders and to draw some inspiration from their unparalleled deeds. Students studying in school also develop patriotism at a very early age.

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